Revising the Birth of Autopilot Off 20 Years Later

In the early 2000s underground pop pop scene, a myriad of incredible acts existed, among them Autopilot Off. Their groundbreaking self titled EP, which opened many doors for the band, was released with Island Records on April 23, 2002.

You can stream the song, “Exit Signs”, below.

The band posted a statement on their Facebook account with the following statement:

“20 years ago….(missed it by a day) our self titled EP came out on April 23rd 2002. It was our first release as Autopilot Off, which was also our major label debut. We spent the beginning of 2002 up in Toronto recording the EP, and then hit the road non stop for the rest of that year. Band pics were taken that spring wandering around NYC with ? @squish108″

You can view the official post below:

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