Guatemalan Pizza Chef Uses Live Volcanic Rock As Their Heat Source

The art and soul of food is brave, courageous, and inspiring, as displayed by Guatemalan pizza chef David Garcia in a video shot with international media outlet No Comment earlier this month. You can stream the incredible demonstration below.

Based out of San Vicente Pacaya, the chef uses an intricate and very exclusive “oven”, where he frames up a wild cooking experience through volcanic rock, hot enough to heat the pizza on its own. Carefully, the artist walks on a loosely held, almost-lava like landscape near a volcano in order to get just the right amount of heat and crispiness to savor this beautiful creation.

Located at the lethal Pacaya Volcano in the southern part of Guatemala, David Garcia has especially honed his art of volcanic pizza through this ferocious take on the Italian-American dish.

What is the coolest way you have made pizza? Let us know in the comments!

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