Rogue Kangaroo In Custody After Punching Canadian Police Officer In The Face

A kangaroo who happened to escape it’s transportation unit on their way to Toronto has been captured by Canadian police after assaulting a police officer by punching them in the face. According to Oshawa Police Department’s Staff Sergeant Chris Boileau, the officers had grabbed the animal by the tail, in which it then reacted by throwing hands with one of the officers. Below, you can stream the original news release to learn more about the story.


As if we didn’t all learn from both Pokémon and Kangaroo Jack not to mess with our Australian friends, sometimes it takes needing to take a marsupial self defense class down the line to protect us all from encounters in the wild.

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Special shout out to Ethan Brooke for the amazing photography we used as our image in this post.

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