“Rio Carnaval 2022” Celebrates Life and Struggle With Dance Inspired By Amazonian Indigenous Tribe, Saterre Mawe

Brazil’s “Rio Carnaval 2022” has hosted another grandiose celebration of music, dance, and art to honor the country and it’s people this April. Among the samba schools performing at the event, one group from the school “Unidos da Tijuca” had dedicated their skills to delivering a sense of culture from an indigenous tribe within the Amazon called Saterre Mawe.

According to No Comment TV, the reporters mentioned this act in particular was to go over both conservation of the country’s environmental structure and the great strife the indigenous tribes of Brazil have struggled with, including being persecuted and massacred over the course of history. You can stream their footage from the event below.

Each year, the Rio Carnaval hosts its celebration on the days before the Christian observation of Ash Wednesday, and has been noted to be one last big party before the recognizing of Lent, a holiday of fasting.

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Images in this article credit to No Comment TV.

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