Across the internet, there are many places to go. Websites, communities, nations, and even families come together full spectrum to create an image of themselves, but even in all forms of connection, often some people may find a feeling as if they still have no place they can really go for their own comfort-ability and expression.

In 2018, Dusty Soul was created on a journey through the mind of trying to find a plateau for those who come from lives of waiting for something new to come their way. We started as a collective to serve individuals, and are now modeling ourselves as an entity that will gain recognition as more than just something on a social platform.

Dusty Soul Media bridges the gaps of music and mental health, bringing you together with your favorite artists as well as uplifting stories from across the web, all right to your fingertips. We are very excited for the future, and are very thankful you are here to experience it with us.



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