Meteorite Containing “Water Bearing Minerals” Crashed On Family Driveway; Now Displayed At Natural History Museum

A meteorite came flying through the atmosphere into a family-owned driveway in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire earlier this month, which experts are saying contains water from somewhere beyond the outer reaches of our local star cluster.

Now displayed in London’s Natural History Museum, the fragment, classified as carbonaceous chondrite, has been noted to hold resources such as “water bearing minerals”, mentioned by a scientist interviewed by international news media outlet, Euronews. You can stream the interview below, which also contains a clip of the family who found the meteorite on their property.

Mentioned by the scientist in the video, the fragment which held these “water bearing minerals” was most likely exposed to an aqueous setting, where they compared finding life everywhere on Earth within our own localized water environments to the possibility of having more findings and traces of any entities abroad.

Being in the hands of the museum, the opportunity for future thorough testing is available, where experts may now dissect the ever growing cipher of the known universe, leaving near endless opportunities on helping us find the home of this shooting star.

What do you think will be found within this meteorite? Let us know in the comments!

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