Bring Me The Horizon’s Haunting New Track: Parasite Eve (Review)

Please remain calm, the song Bring Me The Horizon has been teasing us with is finally here. The band, after weeks of teasing fans, released their new single Parasite Eve along with a outlandish horror styled music video to match it on June 25. The band never fails to experiment with genres and keep their fans guessing, and this song is a perfect example of it.  

I watched the premier of the music video on the bands YouTube channel, which came along side with a behind the scenes video of the music video. Fans got to see concept art of the masks worn in the video, a look into filming in the new environment of the world under a pandemic and more. We learned that Mick Gordon, most prominently known for his work on the most recent DOOM video game soundtracks, was the producer for the track. The whole video really added to the hype of the video about to drop as it had a countdown at the top of the screen, I remember myself counting down the final few seconds before the song dropped. 


Parasite Eve is an eerie track that feels close to the sound of their previous single LudensBring Me The Horizon has been no stranger to giving their fans a new sound to listen to and enjoy, but I have to say, this current sound they have is one of my favoritesIt feels like a mixture of Sempiternal era with the current Amos era and I can’t get enough. The verses are tense with Oli’s vocals on top of synth and bass to create an unsettling atmospherethe pre-chorus is a creepy moment each time it arrives, but it serves as the perfect build up to dropping you on your head for the chorus. 

The song’s chorus is one of the strongest points of the song, it’s catchy, Oli’s vocals recreate a sound much like Sempiternal rough yet smooth, this vocal style has improved tenfold over the years. But that’s not the only standout of the chorusguitars instantly slam into you along with the drums smashing their way in as wellThere is a small moment right after the first chorus that serves as a taste of what is to come later in the track, it feels like a small breakdown where you can’t help but move your head to.  

Parasite Eve is a massive, haunting single for the band and was 100% worth the wait and all the anticipation. If you have yet to listen to the track, I highly recommend you experience the ride of this track yourself. Bring Me The Horizon continue to push boundaries and switch their sound up and it always works wonders for them.  

Ludens surprised everyone with its breakdown when that song released, so naturally fans wanted more like that...and more we got. The bridge into the breakdown features a typical build-up but when it pops, it POPS. We get screams from Oli again and chugging guitars with drums that just help bring the headbang material. My headphones flew off that first time listening to it from headbanging so much. While the screams aren’t as strong as those in Ludens one can’t help but love a massive breakdown such as this one. 

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