PRBLMS Release New Single “Pushing Daisies” (Matthew Tybor “The Bunny the Bear” Side Project)

PRBLMS recently released a captivating new single titled “Pushing Daisies” on November 6th, 2020.

PRBLMS are a 2-piece pop/alternative rap group from Tampa, Florida, featuring the minds of: Matthew Tybor, Anthony Todorov. Tybor is also known for being “The Bunny” in post-hardcore group “The Bunny the Bear.” Shifting in a different direction from post-hardcore, PRBLMS leans more towards the pop/rap genre. This new track delivers everything great from their past singles like “Prison, Tr4$H T4lk” and more featuring atmospheric synth leads and catchy choruses. PRBLMS is a project I’m looking forward to hear more from, and I highly recommend fans of pop music/emo rap checking it out! You definitely wont be disappointed.

FFO: Blackbear, Chase Atlantic, Minor Lift.

You can find out more about PRBLMS & checkout their music here:





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