TrueShot Explode Into New Year With New Single Mirage

Metalcore fresh faces TrueShot are starting the year off with a bang with their newest single “Mirage. Over the past week, the band had been hyping up the new track with more information being revealed day after day and a teaser video being posted on their social media accounts Wednesday, leading to an explosive music video release later in the week.

You can stream the video below.

The New Hampshire based three-piece features Richard Janvrin on vocals, Adam Levesque on guitar and vocals and Derek Mayo on bass, the music video features Josh Richardson of Begat the Nephilim on drums. 

Mirage is an all around heavy track filled with groovy riffs, a crushing breakdown and strong vocal performances from both Janvrin and Levesque. Janvrin’s unique but powerful vocal style is a major standout for the band pulling you in and shaking you with each verse and breakdown. Instrumentally both Levesque and Mayo bring in the extra layer of heavy with their riffs and chugging breakdown for a truly refreshing sound. 

TrueShot may be fresh to the scene still, but they have built a following for themselves not just through music, but through YouTube and Twitch as well with their own style of reaction videos to other bands songs in the scene and through streaming. The band even has a Spotify playlist dedicated to views requests for reactions. 

What do you think of Trueshot’s explosive appearance into the new year? Let us know in the comments!

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