Premiere: Least Drop New Single, “I’m Your Therapist Now.”

Featured Photo credit: Gabriela Barbieri

Least an alt/sad grunge solo-project from Southern Florida (Soon to be Pennsylvania),  premiere their emotionally driven, single & music video for “I’m Your Therapist Now.” out now an all platforms. FFO Gleemer, Tigers Jaw, Balance & Composure, and Teenage Wrist.

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“I’m Your Therapist Now,” was mixed and mastered by Jon Sambrick of Thornwall Studios in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. At the moment, Least is a solo project featuring vocals/songwriting of Taylin Wills, with help from Ryan Camuto on drums/guitar and Joe Lopez on bass. This track starts with a somber lead and melody, slowly building up the pace with the emotionally charged vocals of Taylin Wills through the chorus. You can feel the pain/loneliness in Taylin’s voice, truly projecting their message of longing for someone. Overall, the track is well produced, the lyrics and the meaning behind them are well displayed, and the atmospheric guitar melodies & vocal style truly bring this song together. Taylin has the following to say on the meaning behind this release:
I’m Your Therapist Now is an overarching theme of feeling like “the other.” Being a gender nonconforming person and starting my transition in May of 2020, I felt very lost. It had taken me 20 years to finally admit to myself who I am and what I want out of this life, and my lyrics reflect the inner turmoil I’ve felt in the past and present. Most songs deal with the struggles of trying to date as an open trans person, learning not to hate myself anymore, dealing with discrimination, and maneuvering through the minefield that is figuring out how far I want to go with my transition.
You can checkout the Video Premiere Here:


Bottle it up inside forever
Hoping to plead this case
Whether or not we’re here together
I’d travel through 50 states
To see your face, to hear your voice
I can’t replace this empty void so
I’ll let the wind recede
I know you feel it too
Carry this flame inside forever
Waiting to catch my chance
Hoping to spend some time together
It’s subtle but obvious
The way you smile, and bat your eyes
The perfect glance, the steady lies so
I watched you walk away
You needed space, it hurt so bad
A second chance was all I had but
I’ll never love the same
I’ll never love the same
I know you feel it too.

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