Croatia Opens Country’s First Cannabis Museum

With the capital city of Zagreb starting to warm up more and more to a possible “green” future in the country of Croatia, the Balkan community has come together to open the area’s first cannabis museum to aid education to the public about the use of the substance, which resides at over 4300-square feet.

Opening across the street from the city police station, this museum will be dedicated to the country’s developing programs concerning cannabis. As of right now, use of marijuana under public jurisdiction in Croatia is only available for those who carry medical licenses provided by the local government due to personal ailment or injury. Below, you can stream a video from the museum, provided by No Comment TV.

Among medical and recreational uses, cannabis is also known to be used in many other multi-faceted industries such as clothing, industrial uses such building materials and furniture, and health uses such as personal nutrition and beauty products.

According to the country’s legal provisions, only cannabis up to 0.2% THC is allowed to be sold to medical patients. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is one of the main psychoactive ingredients in the substance, responsible for what users mention as “getting them high”.

This museum joins a list of other niche museums within close proximity, according to international news outlet Euronews, including ones for hangovers and bad breakups.

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