British Aviation Initiative, Airone, Hosts First Round of Tests For Flying Taxi Prototype

Image copyright credit goes to India Today

Flying cars have only ever been a thought popularized by future concepts and vastly evolved technology, similar to what some of us have seen on the Cartoon Network series The Jetsons, however one company out of the United Kingdom is looking to make that day dream a firm reality in the coming years.

Airone Aviation, a British company that works on the operational side of airline technologies, initiated what is among the very first tests of their “flying taxi” concept, as covered by international news outlet, India Today. You can stream a video from the network below, which covers the basics of the launch and a brief interview with international aviation company Supernal‘s Chief Commercial Officer, Michael Whitaker.

Whitaker, whose company works mainly in electric aviation, mentions in the video, “I think you’ll see some operations this decade, but the 2030s will be the decade of advanced air mobility, and you’ll really start to see this be more ubiquitous from that point on.”

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