Cellist Claire Oppert Plays Music To Terminally Ill Patients In Care Facilities 

Born in Paris, France, art therapist and music teacher, Claire Oppert, visits care facilities once every week to play her cello to the sick and elderly patients who may not have much more time here with us. Taking time each Friday to do so, Oppert uses her skills to best assist these individuals with their ailments.

As originally covered in an interview done by international media outlet, Reuters, the cellist takes pride in her frequent stops at the homes, as she uses her experience as a music therapist to best serve the needs of each patient through her series of audial remedies. You can stream the interview below.

Oppert started playing at homes for individuals with disabilities and who may need palliative care as early as 1997 in different locations over France. The cellist, who is also licensed in philosophy, presently teaches students at Zahar Bron School of Music.

Would you consider a career in music therapy like Claire Oppert? Let us know in the comments?

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