Blind Mountaineer Zhang Hong Reaches Top of Mount Everest

Becoming the first blind mountaineer in China to accomplish the climb up more than 29,000 feet, and the third in the world to make it to the top of Mount Everest, 46 year-old Zhang Hong has officially made it to what is known as the highest recorded summit on the planet.

In an interview with international news outlet, Reuters, Hong noted he was quite scared of the height, and through it all, he did not feel as accomplished as some of the other climbers who may have had an easier time than him seeing the view at the top. You can stream the interview below.

After telling Reuters of his adventures throughout his ascending of the mountain, Hong, who traveled up Everest from Nepal, also mentioned getting to the top of the peak was only half of the battle, commenting on the journey him and his team of three expert guides have ahead of them.

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