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I’m Not A Vampire Revamped: Falling In Reverse’s Operatic Beauty

Whether you love or hate Ronnie Radke, one thing is for certain, he has been deemed a musical genius by producers and fans alike. Although he has continuously shown this to the music scene, album after album, this most recent work has mixed in a sense of opera. Last year Radke released a reworking of The Drug In Me Is You, which is a stripped down, piano piece that leads to an explosive ending. Skipping forward to this year, Radke has released a new reworking of another beloved Falling In Reverse classic, which can be streamed below.

I’m Not A Vampire (Revamped) has been noted by fans as perhaps one of the most beautiful pieces of music that Ronnie Radke and Falling In Reverse has released to this point, according to an endless stream of positive comments on their social media accounts. Before talking about the gothic-styled music video, it is important to touch base on the fundamentals of the song. Unlike the last reworked track the group put forth, there are many more explosive moments in I’m Not A Vampire (Revamped), including the orchestral atmosphere regarded early in the track, prior to the vocal introduction. 

Radke’s voice has been revered in the scene, and is noted as one that can adapt to just about any genre, seen across his time spent in both Escape The Fate and Falling In Reverse. Having the wide range of vocal variety he does, particularly in this track, his screaming may catch listeners off guard, as generally Radke’s songs stick to a metalcore overtone, however this song is different, not being an acoustic rendition, but something more gothic and original.

The music video itself follows theme of a classic vampire film, for example, something along the lines stylistically as Interview With A Vampire. Telling such a wonderfully thorough story of a love gone wrong and the tragic death of the lovers, this video features WWE personality and former wrestler, Paige, as the love interest of the vampire, played by Radke, wandering around a gothic mansion.

Let us know what you think of the revamped version in the comments below!

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