Glacier Larger Than Most Cities Breaks Off Antarctica

According to the British Antarctic Survey, an island-size iceberg larger than most populated cities across the globe has broken off of the mainland of Antarctica near Halley VI Research Station. The process of  “calving” has been noted by the scientists, also known as a large ice break, which took place off of the Brunt Ice Shelf. Below, you can find an overhead aerial-shot of the break, as well as a map of where in Antarctica the event took place.

According to DW, the glacier is over 490-square miles, however may not have to do with climate change, though more information may become available in the future as this phenomena is continually studied. In addition to the images and video provided by the British Antarctic Survey, they later replied to their tweets with this riveting location-derived map of exactly what piece of the ice shelf broke off, which can be found below.

Provided by the British Antarctic Survey

The icy seventh continent of Antarctica covers the entire South Pole, and is home to multiple research facilities of governments globally, for example, one of the most notable facilities, McMurdo Station, located on the Ross Archipelago, south of Australia. Generally, some of these stations are known to study weather patterns and astronomical endeavors because of the clear skies and lack of pollution in the area.

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