Quarantine Jams: Six Songs to Add to Your Playlist


This quarantine has been pretty rough on everyone, from being stuck inside most days to not having the same level of interactions with people as we would like. Most days, if not everyday, I find myself turning to music as a form of escape from quarantine, my boredom and sometimes my loneliness. This seems to be a common thing people are doing to help themselves cope with it all as well, from binge watching television shows, spending hours playing video games, or finding new music…we all have ways of coping.

If you find yourself finding new music or yearning to find new music or songs to add to your playlist, this is your lucky day as I discuss my six songs to get you through the rest of your quarantine. From heavy to chill to throwback, I hope you find something you enjoy here!


  1. When Needles and Lovers CollideIf I Die First (2020):

From the brains of Lil Lotus and Travis Richter of From First To Last alongside Lil Zubin and Nedarb comes a perfect ode to the early days of Post-Hardcore/Screamo. This is the band’s lead single off their debut EP My Poison Arms which released in early July. Let me tell you this song has been number 1 on my “On Repeat” playlist on Spotify ever since it dropped. Lotus and Zubin mix so well together and bounce off each other to help bring those iconic vocals of the genre to life here. This won’t be the last time you see me talk about If I Die First, do not sleep on this band.

     2. Hypa HypaEskimo Callboy (2020):

Eskimo Callboy are no strangers to not taking themselves seriously and Hypa Hypa really shows that. This is the first song featuring the newest addition to the band, vocalist Nico Sallach (formerly To the Rats and Wolves), and it is the best introduction possible. The band brings us a  synthy metalcore song with a chorus so catchy it’ll be sure to get stuck in your head for days, or in my case, months. Hypa Hypa doesn’t stray too far from anything they’ve done in the past as a band, but rather displays how well Eskimo Callboy can do it. And if you need any cheering up during these times, the music video for the single will be sure to cheer you up with a throwback to the 80’s and pure comedy gold.

       3. Tear You ApartShe Wants Revenge (2006):

This isn’t just the oldest track on my list but it is also one of the standouts amongst the rest on the list. She Wants Revenge released Tear You Apart in early 2006 with it easily becoming their best known song. Tear You Apart is an early 2000’s Darkwave/Goth Rock anthem that feels dark and melancholy the entire listen, from the monotone styled vocals, the eerie guitars to the darkly written lyrics. But not to mention, the song just makes you want to dance to it as well, She Wants Revenge has a way of making songs I could see in a nightclub. If you’re looking for something dark, haunting and catchy this song is perfect for you and the rest of She Wants Revenges debut self-titled album from 2006.

        4. Rot With MeFor The Likes Of You (2020):

Perhaps the heaviest song out of six choices, For The Likes Of You dropped Rot With Me in late July. Vocalist Austin Dickey has an insane range from high screams to low gutturals that just punch you in the gut. The instrumentals only add on to that gut punch as well with breakdowns that just make you want to mosh in your room. Rot With Me was my introduction into the heavy hitters and it was a jaw dropper. This is the song to fill that heavy music crave you may be having.

         5. High School FriendThe Menzingers (2019):

The Menzingers have slowly become one of my current favorite bands over the past few years. Their music has a way of getting you to feel nostalgic for the past and things that may have never happened to you before, their lyrics just help tell stories in a truly wonderful way. High School Friend off their latest record Hello Exile (one of my favorite albums of last year) is a perfect example of that. I’m in my mid-twenties so high school seems like forever ago to me, but this song brings back memories I have with those who I’m still close with from that time. The punk/heartland rock band have a style that I could listen to for hours and hours, from Greg Barnett and Tom May’s incredible singing voices to the instrumentation that just reminds me of the music I grew up listening to with my parents, it just works so well.

        6. Eternally Yours: Motion Picture CollectionMotionless In White feat. Crystal Joilena (2020):

Motionless In White originally released Eternally Yours in 2017 and it instantly became a favorite of mine from the band. But this version they recently released with Crystal Joilena just takes the emotion of this song to another level. Replacing the heavy instrumentals of the original for a beautiful sorrow filled melody of pianos and string instruments along with an amazing duet of two voices pairing together so well, this rendition of Eternally Yours will bring a tear to your eye. The lyrics flow so well no matter which version you listen to, but one can’t help but feel that they were made for the Motion Picture Collection. Chris “Motionless” Cerulli and Crystal Joilena will leave you speechless with this one.

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