No Dice Speaks Up About Relationships and Coping With Death In New EP “About People, For People”

No Dice is:
Travis Mollohan – Vocals, Guitar
Dylan Gotthardt – Guitar
Drew Rath – Bass
Noah Lanzador – Drum

Two weeks ago, we had the opportunity to sit down with Travis Mollohan, guitarist and vocalist of Ohio-based rock group, No Dice, to talk track-by-track about their new three song EP, About People, For People. With each song, Travis had given us the opportunity to learn about what each one was about by giving us a description of each track entitles lyrically.

“Most of our songs start with me (Travis) on rhythm guitar and ‘Sink‘ was no different. Once the general layout of the song was done, we started adding in different instrumentation, then lyrics. The core of the song was built off of the intro guitar riff.

Lyrically, this song touches on relationships with the people closest to you. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how difficult it is to stay in touch with everyone I care about. It’s the typical ‘life getting in the way’ cliche, but I’ve found it to be true. Effort needs to be made to sustain any relationship. ‘Sink’ is about being cognizant of that fact.”

“Once I figured out the chord progression for ‘Jon‘, the first verse sort of just flowed out. I recorded a demo version on my phone one night and I loved the vocal melody. So much so, I used the same melody for the guitar lead. I rarely ever do that, but it fit the chords too perfectly. I wanted the instrumental to sound peaceful and I think we achieved that.

Lyrically, this song is about the passing of a close family member of mine. I hope he hears it and knows I miss him.”

“The writing process for ‘Talking‘ was different than any song I’ve ever done. I had a dream one night that my girlfriend broke up with me and it bothered me the entire next day. It sounds dumb typing it out, but it’s true haha. Anyway, I was driving in my car and basically the entire song just came to me out of nowhere. I recorded about 90% of the final song idea, instrumental and lyrics, in one take on my phone. I went home and figured out how to play the guitar part I acapella’d on the phone recording, ironed out a few lyrics, and the song was basically done.

Obviously, ‘Talking’ is about a falling-out with a significant other. In my case, if the hypothetical break-up would’ve happened, I still would want that person in my life in some way. Break-ups are really weird to me. Completely cutting off communication with someone who probably knows you better than anyone is a strange thought, but obviously it happens all the time. Even if I couldn’t have a romantic relationship with this person, would they still reach out to talk to a familiar voice? I’d hope so. I think that’s the part of the song I like most – the hope of staying in contact.”


No Dice had the opportunity to track each song with Johnny Franck (Bilmuri) and had Will Carlson (Will Carlson Audio) mixed and mastered them.

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