Tyler Carter Gets Animated With Introduction For New Crunchyroll Original Series

Tyler Carter has always been one to step outside of the box and collaborate with different genres. But his most recent is one many fans did not see coming. This time he is featured in an anime introduction. You read that right, an anime intro! You can stream the song below. 

Earlier this month on July 6, a new anime premiered on Crunchyroll called The God of High School and those who have watched it and know of Carter noticed his signature sounding voice in the opening theme. The God of High Schooloriginally a South Korean web series which is written and illustrated by Yongje Parkwas picked up by MAPPA in Japan earlier this year for an anime television series. The action packed/comedy fused The God of High School releases new episodes every Monday over on Crunchyroll and it gets a personal seal of approval, the first two episodes were a blast to watch. 

The theme itself, Contradiction by Japanese EDM artist KSUKE featuring Tyler Carter is a perfect introduction into the world of the show. It’s hard not to find yourself getting pumped up as the visuals of the anime blend so well together with the beat of the music and of course Carter’s smooth voice. Contradiction feels like the intro music for a fighter or even the theme song for a Pay-Per-View event of the WWE or the UFC, the visuals also play into this feeling as well as they showcase the characters of the anime fighting and showing their moves off. 

The theme song to a show, whether it be anime or not, is always an important part of catching your viewers’ attention. Anime seems to almost always knock this out of the park with The God of High School and Contradiction joining the club with flying colors. It’s not uncommon for fans to just jam the intro alone on repeat and this one begs for that. 

You can check out Contradiction through Crunchyroll’s YouTube, KSUKE’s YouTube and over on Spotify as well!

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