First AI Robot Artist Debuts Creative Portraits At London Design Museum

Art comes from the soul, or at least it always has, until now.

“My art is contemporary and engages with issues of our time and times to come,” proudly stated Ai-Da, the first recorded artificially intelligent robotic artist, which is noted by its coders as an entity “programmed to be creative” by its innovative team comprised of members of the company Engineered Arts and a group of experts at the University of Oxford, according to Euronews.

Located at the London Design Museum, Ai-Da effortlessly experiments and investigates the creative processes normally explored by human-kind, at least until 2021. You can stream a video of the AI’s artistic creations below, as well as a short interview with the art gallery’s director.

The AI is paired with an algorithm based technology called a computer vision system, which helps it monitor exactly what stylistic technique applies to the artwork’s medium and specific genre.

Would you be interested in displaying art from an AI robot in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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