Pizza Vending Machines Are Causing Mayhem In Italy

Whether you live in North America or Europe, or even in the many across the world, countless people have had the opportunity to indulge in one of the most advantageous semi-Italian, semi-American dishes we all call pizza.

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, more industries have started to look into other ways to serve their customers, such as Mr. Go Pizza, who developed a self-serve vending machine to deliver the cheesy goodness that both individual people and families, small and large, may be seeking for on that particular day.

International network, Euronews, covered the story on their YouTube, where they interviewed a representative from the company, as well as a customer who received, and tested a product live. You can stream that video below.

Although some people may be very interested in getting a pizza at practically any time of the day, having noted “drunk food at 4am” in the comments of the video, others on the internet have raised some concern over the product, such as job loss due to automation. A separate highlighted commenter on YouTube asked what will happen when AI is created and fixated on a level large or small enough for even your job.

Would you buy pizza at a vending machine in Italy? Let us know in the comments!

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