Netherlands Couple Become Owners of Europe’s First 3D Printed Home

The Future Is Here

Many fads have come and gone, but the technology within the 3D printing world has just started, passing the low levels of hobbyist activities, growing into livable infrastructure, for example what this European couple accomplished in a city in the Netherlands.

International network, Euronews, covered the instance first hand and interviewed the couple who noted they live in a “boulder-like home” and love every aspect of it. You can stream the video below.

The home was a joint project between the Dutch town of Eindhoven’s technical college, as well as a local company called Project Milestone. Overall, the home was noted to take about 120 hours to print, showing promising viability of further construction for future endeavors.

Would you consider living in a 3D printed home? Let us know in the comments!

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