Nature & Endangered Animals Return To Chernobyl After 35 Years

What is considered a lifetime to some, a long 35 years, have passed since the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl shook the world. Since then, many international preservation efforts have been put into place to seek what may be the best ways to inch back into the desolate city, however nature has quickly started to take back over.

Earlier this weekend, world network Euronews released a short informational film concerning how plant and animal growth has started to regain some foothold within the disaster zone of the inner city. You can stream that video below.

According to the network, the area will still not be suitable for normal human interaction for another 24,000 years, however nature has no bounds, and as we see, the world continues turning.

What are some of the wildest facts you have learned about Chernobyl? Let us know in the comments!

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