Anthony Green Releases Two Singles With New Project ”And There With Them Was Love”

Anthony Green, a renaissance man within the industry, covering a massive area of sound with his eclectic vocal style and musical footing, never seems to be content with releasing his music within one project. Having records he has done both solo, as well as collaborated with others on, Green has amassed a discography of being a part of at least 34 records, and counting, not including all the feature work he has done.

This new indie project, entitled And There With Them Was Love, features tw0 songs released so far on bandcamp with his friends Sibs Shongwe-La Mer and Daniel Lidichi. You can stream their most recent single, Gloryiia v3, and find the lyrics to the song, below.


We are last
We built the kingdoms we want built
Found along the exit
Rewrite the last 200 years

Buried alive with time and space
Execution broadcast replay

Like it or not
It’s harder to kill
And never runs from any shots

Under the vine
Our wrinkled skin
Keep all the negatives on film

Buried alive in time and space
Execution broadcast replay
Under the vine
Our covered skin
Isn’t it unfortunate this mess we’re in

Father won’t you hold me
Why’d you have to be my ghost
Mother don’t forget me
All I need is you the most

Father won’t you hold me
Why’d you have to be my ghost
Mother why’d you leave me
When I needed you the most


What do you think of Anthony Green’s newest musical endeavors? Let us know in the comments!

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