Australian Post Hardcore Group, Tapestry, Express Emotional Upheaval and Recovery With New Single “Never Felt The Same”

The international music community has brought something exciting and refreshing over the waves of the internet. Australia’s Post Hardcore newcomers, Tapestry, have been creating high horsepower behind their ambient and heartfelt branding since the release of their EP “Ghost of Me” in 2018, and recently made their newest single, “Never Felt The Same” available for fans all over the world via Dreambound. You can stream the song below.

In a brief note from their publicist, vocalist of Tapestry, Tom Devine-Harrison, explained how this single is about “someone breaking you to the point of not knowing if you’ll ever recover”.

After making incredible steps forward and playing side by side with acts such as The Ghost Inside, Northlane, and Architects at UNIFY Gathering 2019, a massive metalcore and djent festival held in South Gippsland, Victoria (AUS), the group is set to hit the worldwide scene later this year.

With the ending of their album cycle for their first EP, Tapestry is set to blast off in 2020 with this powerful new song and intricately developed sound which is featured in their newly released stream.


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