Stan Lee Reportedly Joins Uncle Ben at 95

Joining the renowned Uncle Ben, and his many characters who have passed, Stan Lee, the modern-day superhero who brought the world of Marvel, has left us at 95 years old.

Starting his career what would have been 80 years ago next year, at a small company named Timely Comics in 1939, Lee worked through the ranks and eventually joined the forces of his mind and his art, helping with the creation of epics such as Spiderman, Black Panther, Daredevil, Ant Man, Iron Man, and a plethora of other greats that have surrounded and occupied the minds of both children and adults for decades upon decades.

During World War II, Lee served his country by manning the home front working with the Signal Corps as a repairman in 1942, until he was moved to the Training Film Division, where he still worked on his own personal comics while doing his daily duties and creating short films for use of the military in their drills and programs.

Twelve or so years later, living in a world where the media had prescribed big heroes who were DC-owned power houses, namely, [the] Justice League of America, Lee put together an alternative team with the help of publisher Martin Goodman, and fellow artist, Jack Kirby, creating The Fantastic Four in the 1950’s. This led on to a longer partnership with Kirby, also having working on creations such as The Silver SurferThe Incredible Hulk, [the] X-Men, and aforementioned Iron Man, years later. In 2017, the two were deemed Disney Legends, for being so influential to the cinematics and literature of the Marvel Universe.

Being a regular at large scale events and conventions such as the famed San Diego Comic Con, Lee kept his career very active through the 1960’s and 70’s, all the way up until current standings, having worked closely with Walt Disney Co. in 2009 when they purchased Marvel Entertainment for the balance of $4B USD, leading to the Avengers franchise in 2012.

Lee was married to long-time wife, Joan Boocock-Lee from 1947 until her death in 2017. Upon getting married, they bought a home, 1084 West Broadway, in Woodmere, New York. Although they had moved a few times, the couple stayed in the state until 1981, where they purchased a new home in West Hollywood, California, previously owned by Don Wilson, a radio announcer famous for working with Jack Benny.

At the age of 95, Lee was rushed to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, in Los Angeles, California, where he was pronounced dead.

Having lived a long life of entertainment for both himself and others, giving inspiration to all who look his way, the legend of Stan Lee will live on for years to come, both in heart and mind, and through the creativity he awakened in writers of all ages.


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