Thomas Erak Joins Blue Swan Records for Solo-Record Debut: “Thomas Erak and The Shoreline!”

Thomas Erak just recently ended his tour with Royal Coda. During the shows on this previous run, he was spending some time advertising two releases he had been working on via Bandcamp under the moniker of “II Tracks.” Leaving many to speculate that he had signed to Blue Swan Records, having just been involved with the connections-powerhouse, aforementioned Royal Coda, he will be hitting the road once again in a few weeks with support from Andres, with his new group, Thomas Erak and The Shoreline, who have recently announced their

With an EP coming out November 30th, 2018, there is plenty of time to show off the musical goodness Erak has been working up since his last endeavors with Chiodos, Just Like Vinyl, and his long-time main project, The Fall of Troy.

The 6-Track EP can be preordered here!

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