Freddie Mercury Memorial Constructed In South Korea

Image copyright credit goes to No Comment TV

International household name Queen is no stranger to fame around the world, which holds true even on the quiet South Korean island of Jeju, where a modest statue of the late singer, Freddie Mercury, was established for public visitation on 21 April 2022, according to a video from No Comment TV.

Dozens from around the country showed up in support of the newly erected memorial, some with pictures and some with signs, one for example which stated a famous lyric from the band, “we are the champions”. You can stream footage from the event below.

The globally known singer-songwriter passed away a little over 30 years ago from complications in the lung due to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, also known as AIDS. A fan from South Korea, who is a very loving fan of Mercury’s, has been working on getting this bronze figure displayed on the island for almost eight years, according the video.

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