“Jackie Chan Adventures” Returns With New Series and Feature Film


Saturday mornings spent venturing the Kids’ WB cartoon block can now be re-lived with a new animated Chan series, via an article produced by The Hollywood Reporter, which has announced a new design for an old show locked deep away in our hearts, as well as a feature film, which is in development.

In the series, martial arts mastermind Jackie Chan took up the moniker of an archaeology professor, and with the help of his uncle, ends up using the power of talismans, ancient magical entitles, to fight monsters and demons. Many of the episodes, which aired in more than 60 countries between 2000 and 2005, relate to personal endeavors done by Chan himself in his own life.

While the adventures of Chan and his cohorts will be revitalized, THR mentioned some large changes have occurred. For starters, the name of the show has reviewed to now be J-Team: The All-New Jackie Chan Adventures, as well as the animation style, which has moved from 2D to 3D computer-generated stylization.

Originally set in San Francisco, the new show is set in a dreamland-esque atmosphere, where Chan teams up with a group of child heroes, and will be released later this year. It has not been stated if his niece, Jade, will return or be a recurring character.

Currently, the new series is only set to broadcast throughout over 200 viewable entities in China for right now, however there is still potential of a dubbed or subtitled version for other countries as producers continue to shop through international networks.

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