Cicada-3301: New Single “Flight Risk”

Cicada-3301 is a solo project by Ghost Pilots guitarist Nick Sparks. “Flight Risk” was all written and performed by Sparks and was produced by Ben Barnett at The Hang Studios located in Forth Worth, TX.

Artwork by: Matt Peddicord

You can pick up the release here:

“Flight Risk” is definitely a solid prog-rock song all around. You can hear the passion that Sparks has for his first release and the time/work he has put into it. He’s managed to develop a catchy chorus and interesting riffs without being too repetitive. Definitely anticipating to hear more out of the Cicada-3301 name.

Lyric Video created by: Chas Foreman (Oak and Hatchet)

Flight Risk will also be featured in The Hemisphere Movements 3rd compilation release “A Musical Metanoia” that features songs from bands like Stepfriends, Cat Company, Sufferer, Dwellings, and many more artists. Out 10-18-18.

You can checkout more about “A Musical Metanoia” here:

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