Foxy Shazam Returns With Sixth Studio Album, Burn

American soul rock band Foxy Shazam are back from a six year hiatus with a new record entitled, Burn, which was released 11 December 2020 through the band’s own label, EEEOOOAH Records. Three singles, being “The Rose”, “Dreamer”, and title track, “Burn”, were released soon after the record’s announcement.

Guitarist Loren Turner, who had been in the band since 2004, had left the group prior to Burn‘s release, although still appearing in their music video for “Dreamer”, as well as reportedly being noted as a contributor on the record.

You can stream their single “Dreamer” and watch their video for the song below.

What do you think of Foxy Shazam’s new single? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Scott Beseler/Paul Coors

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