Attack Attack! They’re Back Again, Baby

Does anyone know what year it is currently? Our calendar says the end of 2020, but the return of Attack Attack! says it’s 2010. You read that right: Crabcore legends Attack Attack! announced their return to the scene with their new single, “All My Life”.

This is their first single since the band released “No Defeat” in late 2012, which was released now eight years ago, however that’s not all that was announced upon their return. Joey Sturgis, the producer behind so many iconic sounds of the 2010’s makes his return for the first time since 2016. 

While the excitement for Attack Attack’s comeback was big throughout the world of the metalcore scene, many were left wondering what the sound will be like. The band does still feature original members Andrew Wetzel (drums) and Andrew Whiting (guitar), and now introduces Jay Miller (bass guitar/backing vocals) and Chris Parketny (vocals). Listeners of SiriusXM Octane were lucky enough to hear the premier before the track was posted to Youtube, but now you can stream “All My Life below.  

What did you think of the new single? Let us know in the comments! Attack Attack! is back again baby.

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