Tasmania Becomes First Australian State Run Fully On Renewable Energy

Joining the very few jurisdictions in the world to take safer stances toward global health, Tasmania has made strides to become fully powered by renewable energy. Being the first state in Australia to reach such a futuristic height has the potential to put pressure on other local administrations throughout the country to join forces on this green movement.

Guy Barnett, the energy minister of Tasmania, explained the sufficiency of power came from the state’s programs involving windmills and hydroelectricity. In a recent press release he noted, “We have reached 100 per cent thanks to our commitment to realising Tasmania’s renewable energy potential through our nation-leading energy policies and making Tasmania attractive for industry investment, which in turn is creating jobs across the State, particularly in our regions.”

Barnett also mentioned, “When the final two turbines are commissioned at Granville Harbour, Tasmania will have access to 10,741 GWh of renewable generating capacity – well above our average annual electricity demand of 10,500 GWh.”

In addition to the Australian Capital Territory, the state joins other countries internationally such as Costa Rica, Iceland, and Scotland, who have all taken a developmental progression into the one hundredth percentile of completed renewable energy.

Would you be excited for renewable energy if it was coming to your area? Let us know in the comments!

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