Signals (ex-A Skylit Drive) Release Debut Album “Death In Divide”

"Death In Divide" Out Now

Formed by Michael Jagmin (ex-A Skylit Drive) and Jon Kintz (ex-Of Mice & Men), metalcore group Signals is no stranger to how to formulate a record. Released on 27 November 2020, their debut album Death In Divide has come out to critical acclaim, having backing from SBG Records, who also houses the groups Slaves and Famous Last Words.

Prior to this band, Jagmin and Kintz also were members of a group called Odd Project in the early 2000’s, where they gained notoriety opening for bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Norma Jean, and Atreyu.

Below you can find the track list of all 13 songs, and stream the music video for their newest single off the record, “Disastermind”.

Death In Divide Tracklist:

1. Chapter II (0:50)
2. Not If I Save You First (3:31)
3. Ground Zero (2:54)
4. Turn Back Crime (3:14)
5. Monsters & Money (3:29)
6. The Mickey Mouse Drug House (3:51)
7. Social Medusa (3:35)
8. The Vulture (3:59)
9. Everless (1:29)
10. Kirkhaven (3:14)
11. Sky Sixteen-Sixteen (3:16)
12. Disastermind (2:59)
13. The New American Religion (5:29)

Did you enjoy the music video for “Disastermind”? Let us know in the comments!

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