Four Revitalizing Deathcore Tracks Getting Us Through The Rest of 2020

This year has been tough on all of us, but not for the deathcore scene. Sometimes as metal fans, we are always yearning for more, but the scene definitely had some winners get released so far. Here are four heavier songs from 2020 that are keeping us swinging through the pandemic.


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This is Signs of The Swarm‘s latest single and it hits just as hard, if not harder, than their most recent album, Vital Deprivation, featuring new vocalist David Simonich. Pernicious features a lot of fast portions that re-enact a feeling of a storm, almost as if you’re being swept into the high winds of what’s surrounding you. The song’s guitar solo is a very nice touch, giving the track an added flare that runs into the final breakdown. We do have to note Simonich’s vocals, which add an extra layer of sludge to every song on this record.


2. Worm Shepherd (feat. Alex Koehler)Accursed

Accursed is the debut track of Worm Shepherd and what a debut it is for the band. Vocalist Devin Duarte already gave the scene a taste of his sound with his solo tracks under the name Devin To Embers, and now with a full band behind him, we have the latest heavy hitters of what would fall into the blackend deathcore scene. Accursed is heavy but has such a symphonic tone in it, creating a very chilling track. Duarte’s vocals are quite unique; one moment they can be screeching and haunting, whereas one will lead to lows that pull you down in the ground. We also have former Chelsea Grin vocalist Alex Koehler featured in the track and he brings the wrath. Don’t sleep on this group.


3. To The GraveMiserable Summer

Earlier this year To The Grave’s bassist Joshua Booth passed away at the age of 23. Dusty Soul wishes to dedicate this to him; may he rest in peace.


Australian Deathcore group To The Grave released their latest single Miserable Summer late last month and it is an amazing follow-up to their debut album Global Warning. Miserable Summer is a brutal track that holds you in its grips the entire way through. The lyrical content of this band really stands out as they talk of environmental issues and this track serves as another reminder that the global warming spectacle of the world is both real and terrifying. One thing that really gets my attention in Miserable Summer is the attention to the bass drum, and snare that sounds gun shots at times. We highly recommend To The Grave in the best way possible. 


4. DistantHellmouth

Hellmouth is off of Netherlands/Slovakian band Distant’s latest record Dawn of Corruption, which is a record so heavy, that it is setting the bar right now. This song in particular is a great example of that. Starting off instantly with a punch that just keeps punching, as the song gets slower and lower. Being a downtempo deathcore band, the downtempo really comes home in this track. Chilling, extreme, twisted, and vocally insane, this song will keep you coming back. 

Hope this list helped you find some new tunes. Catch up with all these groups on their social medias linked above.

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