Singapore Introduces Robotic Police Dogs To Enforce Social Distancing Among Coronavirus Outbreak

SINGAPORE – A technological collaborative effort between NParks, the Singaporean National Parks Board, and the Smart Nation and Digital Government Group (SNDGG), have brought us Spot, a robotic surveillance entity created to patrol all government owned nature reserves, including local and state parks and gardens, according to StraitsTimes, a popularly moderate Singaporean and Malaysian news outlet. You can watch more of their video below.

This robot is capable of recording up to the minute video and is ready to broadcast to park visitors the safe and appropriate distance to be from other recorded individuals in the park of which the device’s sensor is able to pick up on. With this technology, Spot is able to record the exact number of inhabitants within the park’s limits.

The initial move to this measure came into effect with the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) scare, as governments are scattering to thwart the virus in its tracks in order to find some sort of normalcy in the midst of widespread epidemic.

Spot was initially created by American bio-robotics company, Boston Dynamics, which created the device to be able to travel over every terrain, noting it is covered with many sensors to help it detect any case of collision into individuals or inanimate objects.


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